Seasonal Menu


Sweet Corn with Sliced Chicken Soup

Sun Do Barbecued Spare Ribs

Second Course

House Hot Hors D'oeuvres (sesame prawn on toast, dry chilli spare ribs, pancake rolls, won ton, dry seaweed)

Crispy Aromatic Duck (served with pancakes etc - 75p extra per person)

Main Course

Sizzling Prawns with Fresh Ginger and Spring Onion

Spring Chicken with Black Bean Sauce and Chilli

Dry Shredded Chilli Beef in Bird's Nest

Fried Lamb with Leeks and Garlic

Egg Fried Rice


Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate Sauce and Cashew Nuts


Coffee or Chinese Tea

Price £34.00pp

Minimum 2 people. A 10% service charge will be added to your bill.

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Combination Dinners

A - Dinner for 2 or more
£21.50 per person

Sweetcorn and Chicken Soup OR Sun Do Spare Ribs (70p extra per person) *** Fried prawns Szechuan style. Sweet and sour pork. Special chicken with black bean sauce. Chinese mixed vegetables. Roast duck with pineapple and pickled ginger. Egg fried rice.

B - Dinner for 2 or more
£30.50 per person

Capital hot hors d'oeuvres OR crispy aromatic duck served with all the trimmings and hoi sin sauce. *** Dry shredded beef. Salt and pepper soft shell crabs. Pan fried scallops with cashew nuts. Fried king prawns with lemon sauce. Sizzling Chinese mixed vegetables. Special fried rice.

C - Dinner for 2 or more
£27.00 per person

Satay hors d'oeurves (satay chicken and prawns on skewers, with dry seaweed and curry puffs) OR aromatic duck (served with all the trimmings).( min. for 2 people,£1.00 extra per person) Fried prawns in black bean sauce. Sliced pork fried in barbecue sauce with cashew nuts. Quick stir fried vegetables. Sweet and sour chicken fillet. Sizzling lamb with leek and garlic. Fresh pineapple fried rice.

D - Dinner for 2 or more
£26.00 per person

House hot hors d'oeurves (sesame prawns on toast, chili spare ribs, fried seaweed and grilled meat dumpling) OR crispy aromatic duck (served with all the trimmings).(min.for 2 people,£1.00 etxra per person) Fried chicken with black bean and chili sauce. Fried prawns with barbecue sauce and cashew nuts. Sweet and sour pork. Fried beef with mange tout and ginger. Chinese mixed vegetables. Egg fried rice.

V - Dinner for 2 or more
£20.00 per person

Sweetcorn Soup OR Hot Vegetarian Hors D'Oeuvres. *** Stir fried fresh asparagus with ginger and wine sauce. Tao fu salt and chilli style. Fine shredded mixed vegetables topped with roasted sesame. Pak choy or choy sum. Vegetables fried rice.

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